Haselden Law is a small, focused law firm representing individuals and small companies in injury, insurance, and consumer protection cases. We don’t represent big corporations that deceive or defraud individuals. We serve people just like you.

Since its inception, our firm has had solid successes in a variety of injury and death cases against municipalities and state entities.

These successes are notable because in Florida, states and municipalities always exercise a sovereign immunity defense. Sovereign immunity means that the the city or state may assert that the action it took – which injured the person bringing the claim – is permitted under its discretionary policy-making authority. These cases are factually intense and are subject to early efforts by the sovereign entity to dismiss the case.

In these cases, our firm works hard to present all the facts in a legally and factually strong fashion. We know these cases and we win them.

Substantive claims against auto dealers, telecommunications companies, and many other business entities are becoming more difficult to bring on behalf of consumers, especially in Florida.. In addition to mandatory arbitration hurdles that appear in many consumer contracts, business-friendly legislatures continue to propose and pass laws that impede a consumer’s ability to go to court. However, our firm has recently brought and settled consumer actions against an auto dealer and a national bank.

We also continue to bring actions on behalf of consumers injured in auto accidents and other personal injury scenarios, and we will work for you with adjusters and opposing counsel to provide you the best possible result. If you have been injured by the negligence of another, we are here for you. We will also  bring cases on behalf of consumers deceived or defrauded by businesses in Florida. Give us a call if you believe you have been the victim of an unfair or deceptive practice.

Will’s Bio

As an attorney for the City of Tallahassee, Will litigated employment and civil rights cases, handled administrative bid protests, contractor delay and modification claims, and other civil matters. During this tenure, he successfully tried cases before juries and judges in the Second Judicial Circuit and handled appeals before the First District Court of Appeals.

As the first Section Chief of the Florida Attorney General’s Cyberfraud Section, Will gained national renown for a first-of-its-kind enforcement effort that resulted in new standards for wireless billing of third-party mobile content and products. The regulation of this practice, known then as “cramming,” has changed dramatically since that enforcement effort. For this effort, the state of Florida awarded Will the top individual Davis Productivity Award in 2009, recognizing his work to obtain millions of dollars in refunds for Florida consumers from wireless carriers.

While in private practice, Will obtained class certification on behalf of a nationwide class of affected consumers against two national online ad networks. This case was notable for the evidentiary use of computer source code for online tracking and legal standing purposes.

Will received his undergraduate degree from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and his law degree from Memphis State University. He and his wife Lori have lived in Tallahassee for 22 years.